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Chappel Hill Market

Ground Beef

Ground Beef

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  •  1 to 9 pounds at 6.00/lb.
  • 10 to 19 pounds at $5.80/lb.
  • 20 plus pounds at $5.75/lb.

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Convenient one-pound packages - easy to thaw and cook.  CHM ground beef is single animal sourced, which means there is no added fat.  The lean to fat ratio is unique to each animal.  So while we can't explicitly advertise our lean/fat ratio like you see in the meat case at the store, we know our ground beef will maintain a composition comparable to a 90/10 or higher --- very little cook-loss but an INSANE amount of flavor

  • grass fed, grain finished premium Hereford beef 
  • USDA inspected

This product is packaged in 1 pound packages as pictured.

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