About Us

Cody (Rushville, IL) and Tamar (Assumption, IL) both grew up raising and traveling the country showing Hereford cattle with their families. Our love of caring for the land and cows came from generations of family, who did just the same.

We run Crum Cattle Company, which focuses on raising high quality purebred Herefords with premium genetics that will compete in the show ring and be productive in the pasture.

We have always marketed beef in bulk and have dreamed about having the opportunity to run our own "market" to provide high quality beef to more people. We realize not everyone has the freezer space or need for beef in large quantities and we wanted to provide those folks with the opportunity to enjoy high quality premium Hereford beef ... so Chappel Hill Market was born.
Why the name? Well, we fully believe in the power of God's hand in our lives and when Tamar's job as a geneticist for Acuity Swine led her to this area in 2019, we found our dream farm already named Chappel Hill. We kept the name in appreciation to the couple who lovingly built our home.

We are proud of our cows, of our beef, and of our family history caring for God's land and creatures. We are so excited for the opportunity to raise our family instilling the same values and responsibilities that caring for livestock instilled in us and to be able to serve our community.