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Chappel Hill Market

1/8 Premium Beef Box

1/8 Premium Beef Box

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Perfect for two people or if you just want to try a variety of cuts. This box will require about 2 cubic foot of freezer space.

What You Will Get - A minimum of 50 pounds of premium beef

  • About 40% Ground Beef - approx 20 lbs 
    • In 1 lb packages
  • About 60% of Assorted Cuts - approx 30 lbs
    • Premium steaks (Ribeye, T-bone, Porterhouse, New York Strip, Filet)
    • Cube and\or Round Steak
    • Roasts (Arm, Chuck, Rump)
    • Pre-made 1/3 pound beef patties
    • Soup Bones
    • Sirloin Steak

                 *your box may not contain all these cuts but will include a good variety

SAVE $15 WHEN YOU PAY CASH!  Select COD as payment type - discount won't show but will be applied when order is picked up.

Cost per pound approx $10.00...$9.70 when you pay cash!!

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